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Welcome to the Erudite Ambry. These are the rules:
1. Inmates will alternate consciousness as a reward for good behavior.
2. Lights out in ten minutes
3. Once curfew is in effect, ANY Erudites found wandering the halls, have their lights ON, or with open doors WILL be SHOT on sight

Enjoy your stay!

In Erudite Ambry, the player plays as two individual Brains with limited means; encased in glass spheres. These are Erudites, confined to the Ambry. The players objective is to leave their cell (at risk of breaking curfew) and see if they can find a way for both of them to adhere to the rules... posted on their cell wall.... because who knows what happens in this dark and gloomy place if you don't comply... The Ambry doesn't allow all the inmates to enjoy the freedom of consciousness at all times, so each Erudite is given a turn to use a limited amount of the shared conscious time.


GGJ2015-Erudite Ambry.zip 33 MB


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I am the greetest! Now, I am leaving Earth for no raisin!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I like the weirdness of the backstory and the atmosphere you're building up with the lighting and music. Do you plan to update this game?

haha! No, I don't think I'll update this. This was actually my very first game jam submission. Was a lot of fun.