A downloadable game for Windows

You are a billionaire who just wanted to explore space and maybe colonise mars, but instead found a wormhole to the past.

You then made it your sworn duty to bring back dinosaurs from the brink of extinction. Cause who does not want a pet dinosaur.

This is my submission for the South African Game Jam 2020

- 72 hour entry
- Hobbyist
- All assets except for the music and sound effects were created by me


 Art: Matthew Klein

Code: Matthew Klein

Music and SoundFX: Various asset packs from the Unity asset store


[SAGJ 2020] Brink of Extinction.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Unzip

3. Run [SAGJ 2020] Brink of Extinction.exe

4. Enjoy


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I love the charming illustrations. They remind me of a very old game called "Run Man" which was very cool back in its time.

The whole MS-Paint / Children's illustration feeling feels like a thing that could be taken further. Like a wild story with child-like sensibilities.

I guess I'm saying I'm a sucker for the charm here :)

Hi Evan, thanks for the feedback. I am not much of an artist but I think I found my style. Next I'll work on my story writing skills so that I can take the players on some more child-like adventures :)

Cool! ...Yeah, if this is a visual language you intend on pursuing there's lots of unique opportunities from toning down the sophistication of the rendering...

Like how Adventure Time often tackles pretty serious issues, and the playful style allows the story telling to be sincere and disarming.

Or how in Run Man (which I previously mentioned) the cheerful aesthetic allows the game to display a naive exuberrance which is trilling to be a part of.

Or there's also bizarre options, using a childlike aesthetic  to disarm people before upsetting them... sort of like a reverse Axe Cop... or even some Adult Swim style cartoons (like Super Jail). Or the weird dystopian prison-game of Pony Island (definitely worth playing).

Anyway, the point is there's exciting ways to subvert expectations AFTER you first establish child-like expectations.

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Like me some old school asteroid action.  The kidlike art was great and the particles was nice.  Sound was competent with a nice arcade-feel to it.  I would have liked a bit of a bigger play area, so that I could pull of some flying maneuvers.  Like maybe having a full earth in the center of the screen so that asteroids could come in from all 360 degrees.  This could also have given space for maybe having asteroids split in two.  As is, I could just stay in 1 place and fire at incoming asteroids without moving around at all.  This is just a suggestion and I really liked playing this